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We don’t tend to get drawn into ‘competition’ with other Funeral Directors, but simply this.........

A Wrexham Funeral Director responds to a Sky news report from the Co-op on rising Funeral Prices...Interesting do you agree with his comments

We don’t tend to get drawn into ‘competition’ with other Funeral Directors, but simply this gentleman and his sentiments are incorrect.

As independent funeral directors, we don’t agree that Co-op Funeralcare is leading the way on price as claimed by Co-op boss Steve Murrells on Sky News recently. Independent funeral directors have always offered best value to families and always will. https://news.sky.com/video/co-op-boss-why-we-started-funeral-price-wars-11446667

Any price war is really between the large groups which have inflated funeral prices in recent years, whilst independent funeral directors have kept costs to a minimum and are consistently much cheaper.

Research by our trade association SAIF shows that large conglomerate group Dignity is the most expensive funeral option with Co-op next. Independent funeral directors are significantly cheaper and we expect that to remain the case.

Independent funeral directors also perform better on service for bereaved people and are better suited to tailoring funerals to your needs, because they are not beholden to large corporate structures.

We simply believe in offering our families the very best in personal attention and service at a very competitive rate.

Its an Interesting point whats your view #cpstrustconsultancy

Watch this report on sky news

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